Price list of electrical cabinets, manufacture of electrical cabinets with good prices in Ho Chi Minh City


Price list of electrical cabinets, manufacture of electrical cabinets with good prices in Ho Chi Minh City
STC Vietnam is a manufacturing and processing company for civil and industrial electrical cabinets, including electrical cabinets with thickness from 0.8mm to 3mm depending on the design and standards set by the customer, including the cabinet cover. Electrostatic powder coating, stainless steel electrical cabinet cover, galvanized electrical cabinet cover, best standard and cheapest price in Vietnam.
Producing high quality electrical cabinets.
Professionalizing our products, we manufacture quality electrical cabinets, including electrical cabinets that are shaped on standard CNC and CNC machines, contributing to product speed and instead of standard electrical cabinets. very high quality. The competitive price is also higher because the cabinet is manufactured by the exact standard process of the machine.
Electrical cabinets and cabinets are products that are installed in industrial parks, townhouses, apartment buildings and are present in most of the Vietnamese market, water pump cabinets, synchronous cabinet covers, ATS cabinets, capacitor cabinets, substation electrical cabinets for civil and industrial construction works.
Types of standard and commonly used electrical cabinets and cabinets in the market:
Electrical cabinets and distribution switchboards (MSB) –  (Main Distribution Switchboard) : is an indispensable device in the load distribution switching stations of the system of factories, buildings, factories and production areas. The equipment is mainly used in the distribution power supply. This electrical cabinet and electrical cabinet includes 02 lines that are indoor and waterproof and rainproof products placed outdoors.
Distribution Board (DB)- (Distribution Board) is a closing device that is installed as a load distribution board and other branching devices in the system. Equipment in the cabinet includes MCCB, MCB, Capacitor, reactance capacitor, control panel, Vac alarm clock, Hz alarm clock and Amh alarm clock.
Electrical cabinet for electric meters: is a device that is mounted with many electric meters that are responsible for measuring and counting the electricity consumption index in many apartments or many different buildings, including terminal MCCBs and distribution CBs for the whole system.
ATS cabinet (Auto Trafer Switch) is a device used to dig power from the mains to backup power, backup power including generator power and UPS priority power.
SYS cabinet: also known as a synchronous cabinet for 02 or more generators, this cabinet contains ACBs to switch off equipment at large power sources, including control systems, display devices. voltage, current, and frequency and equipment harmonization includes balancing voltage, load current and machine speed and allows to close or not close the whole device together.
Pump electrical cabinets : This system is listed for fire engine electrical cabinets and water pump electrical cabinets, floodproof pump handling cabinets, submersible pump electrical cabinets and other pumping systems, including many control devices are run together in Auto or Manual mode.
Motor control cabinet: is a motor control device that includes many switches and switches in the whole system and has an inverter to control the motor including 1 phase and 3 phases for the entire system. The equipment is installed to control the line speed, engine equipment in factories and factories.
The following is the price list for the complete device:

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